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Kendrick is King

I am sitting listening to Kendrick. One can only hope that you already worked that out.

He is quite an amazing artist. The way he paints his world; but discusses and shares his feelings, on top of living in a messed up and terrifying world and whilst absolutely bossing it. He styled that out, more than that bloody cat on a window ledge a few days back. He does it all so well, he is just a real artist. There is no pretence or posturing in his music. He doesn't extend this revolting ego on us, he is so HUMBLE (literally his most recent single).

I mean that irritating cat - big, fluffy, black-furred brute - literally stacked it and fell of a ledge. You know when you wish you had a camera? The posturing little bastard kept trying to get in the top window (he wasn't so high up to injure himself), before he bottled it and made a dick of himself. I am the biggest cat in that room bro: "Who Disturbs My Slumber?".

But what is great about Kendrick was he reminded me I had to get off my backside again and start making things happen. I can't drop the ball here or get complacent. The world would just eat me up.

So, after staying up late chatting to my colleagues, family, then girlfriend, then housemate(s) I thought I had barely a second to do a single thing for me. I haven't planned or thought about TransAlba in the same way as others. I've procrastinated and put it off. But then times have been crazy: I also have Glasto the week before, Ana's bday weekend the weekend before that, then next weekend (to be spent with Ana). I don't have a lot of time left before all that happens. Not to mention moving house and looking to improve my career somehow.

Procrastination was this incredible topic I wrote about already. So please, read my thoughts there to give more context to my mindset here.

Instead of being drowned by it all and just succumbing to the vapid embrace of TV, I even gave up painting this evening to organising a bit better my kit for TransAlba. This 1000mile race is basically at the end of this crazy series of events. I genuinely think if I get past this I can get past anything. Every other problem will be backed by confidence: So they stop being problems.

We all need that challenge. For people who want to create, we first need to overcome something. Quite obviously, I am not Kendrick. But I do want to give, it's just I am a straight, white male. The thing I need to overcome isn't so immediate. I don't suffer racism, sexism, racial prejudice or homophobia. I simply suffer contempt. Contempt for how small my problems really are.

So to overcome something, it has to be quite specific. I think the worst thing in life would be to live like a stereotype. My Everest happens to be outdoors, for which I am really grateful.

Kendrick has done some crazy shit, I imagine. But is he not a product of his environment: aren't we all? Therefore, shouldn't we all look to be good within that environment? Shouldn't we champion the best of our people? Doing that is by loving everyone, being open to all and rejecting a stereotype. A problem is a problem, no matter which side of the fence you sit or what shoes you were born in to.

What crazy thing will be your Everest?

Be More Kendrick. Kendrick for King.

Me in the morning, or hungry, or both

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